FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order directly from Nolte Küchen?

Ordering is only possible through a retailer. This also goes for individual parts.


What is the delivery time with Nolte?

Our delivery period is determined by the incoming order. Please ask your dealer about the delivery date.


How do I clean my kitchen?

Information on the care and maintenance of your kitchen can be found here.


Is there an RRP?

Please contanct your local dealer about any questions regarding prices.


What is „Matrix 150“?

Matrix 150 is a three-dimensional planning grid. Our system is based on steps on 150mm in height, width and depth.


Which worktop thicknesses are included in the Nolte Küchen range?

Our worktops are available in 12, 25, 40 and 50mm thickness. The 12mm worktops also include two variants made from glass.


How much weight can be put in drawers and pull-outs?

The loading capacity of our drawers is a maximum of 40kg.

Pull-outs of up to 600mm can be loaded with a maximum of 40 kg,

pull-outs of up to 1,000mm with a maximum of 80kg

and pull-outs with a 500mm depth with a maximum of 40kg.


How much weight can be put on wall units?

The loading capacity of wall units is up to 65kg.


Which carcase depths are available as standard?

Nolte Küchen offers four different planning depths with base units: 390, 500, 600 and 750mm. The depth for wall units is 390mm and for tall units the depths are 390, 500, 600 and 750mm.


Which carcase heights are available as standard?

Base units are available in 900, 750, 600 and 300mm heights. Tall units and appliance housings are available at a height of 1050, 1350, 1500, 1950, 2100 and 2250mm.


What is GlasLine / ChromLine?

With GlasLine the pull-outs are fitted with float-glass.

With ChromLine the rails of drawers and pull-outs are equipped with chrome strips.

The trays and shelfs of corner units, tall units and stile units are equipped with a chrome railing.


How do the doors of wall units open in a handleless kitchen?

Wall units can be openend either via a handle trim in the base of the (recess in the unit’s base to reach behind the front), through a push-to-open mechanism (by gently pushing the front), via a downlighter shelf (recess in the unit’s base to reach behind the front) and by operating the front with electric motorisation (EMA).