Boundaries disappear. The world is getting smaller. International interrelations are growing in nearly every area. Culture, economy, fi nance, politics, environment and design - everything is moving closer together and melding into a global whole. Sushi in Europe, sausages in Thailand, beer festival in Shanghai – the opening up of the world is producing a remarkable new diversity.

In the age of progressive globalisation, people are becoming increasingly mobile. Working life off ers them new, boundless possibilities – beyond the borders of their home country. Yet despite the inexorable globalisation, for many people preserving their culture is important. Enjoying a bit of home in a far-off place and keeping in touch with one's roots. Businesses, too, need to adapt to this mega trend. Processes in project business are becoming more and more global. That faces internationally operating companies with new challenges: language barriers, extensive use of just-in-time deliveries, contract drafting, particular cultural features – a successful commitment in another country depends on a lot of factors, and international competence is required. The globalisation of the world will not be halted. But it presents lots of opportunities.

Kitchens for every taste

What does it mean to live in an era of globalisation? First and foremost, exciting diversity. Asian home and kitchen design tends to be minimalist and harmonious, whereas Russian living styles are characterised by a certain opulence. In Scandinavia the preference is for using natural materials set off by upbeat colours. Kitchens in the USA often feature the cosy country style. Oriental style is defined by strong colours, opulent decoration and elaborate ornaments. In the global world the diverse cultures inspire one another, resulting in an independent and fascinating mix of styles. Many homes are no longer furnished in a uniform style but instead radiate individual variety. A fascinating interplay of different cultural influences is created.

Flexible kitchens as a success factor

In an age of globalisation, people need a place where they can feel at home and secure. The kitchen as a personal oasis of well-being. But it has to meet numerous expectations in terms of design and function and it must reflect people's cultural identity. Anyone seeking to fulfi l the various needs of the diff erent cultures in our global world will fi nd that “one size fi ts all“ solutions won't work. Instead, the demand is for modular concepts that off er a number of individual possibilities. Fronts, worktops, recess panelling, handles, knobs, electrical appliances, equipment and accessories - off ering a broad range of all these things enables individual kitchen environments to be created in the global world that are tailored to the customers' cultural requirements.

Competent kitchen planning without boundaries

Think big, act bigger: as a consequence of globalisation, major international construction projects will often be carried out in several countries at the

same time. Several hundred kitchens at a stroke - that's not so unusual for an internationally operating kitchen manufacturer nowadays. To overcome this challenge it's essential to be able to plan, coordinate and execute projects, across country borders and on schedule. Have a look at some of the big contracts Nolte Küchen has successfully completed in collaboration with international partners.

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