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We at Nolte Küchen would like to make kitchen planning easier for you – and with a highly individual result. So, how does that work? With a detailed profile of your kitchen wishes and needs which fits your personal lifestyle and circumstances. To make this quick and easy for you to do, we have prepared key questions, which focus on all aspects of life in and with your kitchen. At the same time, answering these questions will give you an even better idea of what we have to offer. And the creation of your kitchen profile will also be fun - for sure.

Kitchen planning with TV interior designer Eva Brenner

1. Planning

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2. Measuring up

A detailed floor plan is the basis for planning any kitchen. For this, first measure the height of the room as well as the distance between the walls. As the next step, enter structural elements, such as windows and doors, into the floor plan. For this, measure the height and width of the door and windows as well as the distance to the floor, ceiling and edges of the wall. The positions of all elements projecting into the room, such as radiator or pipes, are also of relevance. Finally, mark the positions of power points, switches, drains, water connections and electrical connections.

You can draw the floor plan either using our online kitchen planner (see Section 3) or by hand. The floor plan is extremely easy to draw by hand with a pencil, squared paper and Matrix 150. One square on the squared paper equates to a dimension of 150 mm. Matrix 150 is a grid size introduced exclusively by Nolte Küchen. It is based on a very simple and easy-to-follow dimensioning logic in which all widths, heights and, in some cases even depths, can be divided by 150 mm.

3. Online kitchen planning

Would you like to plan you kitchen with flexibility and at your leisure? With the online kitchen planner from Nolte Küchen, you can easily put together your very own personal dream kitchen without any obligation. You can either configure a predefined kitchen plan or plan one of your own completely from scratch.

The planning process starts with drawing up a floor plan, including integration of the given structural situation, choice of floor and wall colour, composition of kitchen units, choice of kitchen ranges and colours etc., and extends through to submitting this to a Nolte Küchen retail partner who will advise you in person, work out the kitchen plan and draw up a price quote.

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4. Getting advice from the dealer and ordering your kitchen

After completing your kitchen planning online, you can easily get in contact with the kitchen expert of your choice. To do this, simply enter your postcode as well as a search radius that suits you. You will then be provided with a display of Nolte Küchen retail partners near you. After selecting one of our partners, your kitchen plan will be sent both to you as well as to the kitchen expert.

Out retail partner will get in touch with you for a personal appointment. At the retail partner, a kitchen expert will then advise you in person, work out the kitchen plan as well as prepare a quotation.

If you haven't yet planned any kitchen online and would like the kitchen expert to do this for you, you can also simply use our dealer locator to find a retail partner near you.

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5. Fitting the kitchen

Once your kitchen has been ordered, it will be assembled and installed at your premises by qualified fitters.

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