Anyone spending a lot of time in the kitchen needs pleasant conditions to work in. This is where it is always a matter of striking the perfect balance between design and practicality. Nolte kitchens let you match working height to how tall you are. While standing, the most comfortable working height is when the distance between worktop and bent elbow is approx. 150 mm. Various plinths make it possible to provide an ergonomic working height for persons of any stature.

Checklist - Ergonomics

  • How tall are the persons who regularly use the kitchen?
  • Which appliances need to be integrated in a way that makes them ergonomic to use?
  • Would you like different working heights for the cooking /dishwashing /food preparation zones?
  • Do deeper worktops need to be included for more space on the work surface?

Tips from TV-interior designer Eva Brenner - Workflow triangle & ergonomics

The individual is the measure

Thanks to Matrix150, you can match the working heights in your Nolte kitchen to suit the various work zones - e.g. 750 mm for preparing food and 600 mm for cooking.
















The last word in convenience from a raised dishwasher - because          Fitted appliances at an ergonomic work height save your back.
everyday jobs should be easy to do

Tips from TV-interior designer Eva Brenner - The Matrix 150 grid dimension