My taste

As diverse and individual as people are, so too are the preferences they have when it comes to furnishing their home. This is where their tastes range from urban or timelessly classic look to the lovingly detailed country-style kitchen. Making the kitchen just as individual as the rest of the home.

Checklist - My style

  • Which type of environment and style do you feel at home in?
  • Which words best describe your taste in kitchens?
  • Which style-defining elements do you see in your kitchen?

Tips from TV-interior designer Eva Brenner - My design & taste

The art of leaving things out - MatrixArt, the handleless Nolte kitchen

MatrixArt is the handleless kitchen for admirers of good design and graphic style. This is where practical functionality meets modern design in an ideal symbiosis. You have so many options when planning a kitchen. For instance, you can choose horizontal or vertical lines for tall units and appliance housings. Depending on what goes best with the kitchen you are planning.

Tips from TV-interior designer Eva Brenner - The handleless kitchen MatrixArt

Room to develop your very own personal style

There are many elements that let you influence the look of your Nolte kitchen. Open shelf units, for example, help to create an overall picture that tends to provide detail and contrast. Closed display units and large surfaces produce a linear, calm look. Simply combine everything to suit your taste - and you'll then always find your very own personal style.

Simply clever: the open shelf units integrated into the unit not only relaxes the look of the kitchen - it combines the benefits of both storage solutions while also saving space.

The black wire grid look gives a hint of what's inside the cabinet but doesn't give too much away.

The classy looking concealment doors do much to define the neat and tidy overall look of the kitchen. Once opened, the doors disappear from view between the units to reveal what's inside.

The FLEX open shelf system impresses with its purist look and steel structure. It can be extended with any number of elements, continually catering to your needs as they grow.

Understated and elegant steel shelving expresses individuality and extravagance and yet helps to conjure an open, homely ambience.

The CUBE open shelf system opens up a wealth of options for you. How about giving a relaxed look to the end of your kitchen island?

Light is mood and atmosphere

Light is much more than illumination. Because individually tailored to your kitchen, the lighting concept creates atmosphere, adds statements and plays a key part in defining the feel of the room and your personal well-being - all at the press of a button. 


          Modern LED technology provides pleasantly gentle
          and versatile lighting you can always match to your
          personal mood and time of day by remote control or
          mobile-phone app.       


          The illuminated MatrixArt handle trim creates a special
          ambience and underscores the kitchen's lines with
          tasteful and stunning effect. The integrated wall-unit
          lighting conjures a warm and inviting ambience.  

Tips from TV-interior designer Eva Brenner - Ambience through lighting