neo chalet

So authentic and sheltered.

So natural and warm.


What time is it actually? Time stands still when you do nice things. And the big wide world shrinks to a small, yet important place: your own home.
This is where there's room to take a deep breath. Relax. Indulge.

In a neo chalet kitchen that harmoniously puts personal attitude to life in a nutshell.


Arrived at last.


There are places we instantly arrive at. The scent of wood, the warmth of a fireplace, a magnificent view into the outdoors, they all tell us we have arrived where we want to be. This is why we have made such a place our home. Naturally, with a complete neo chalet.

neo chalet style

Appealing to the senses, Neo Chalet celebrates the elegance of dark oak, mottled surfaces and a crackling open fire.

neo chalet Workstation module
neo chalet grooved mocha oak front
neo chalet Firerack open shelf elements


Happy away. And at home.


We have created a haven of peace in the middle of town.
Always at home with a piece of weekend happiness in the country. It is nothing less than warmth of design that lets our kitchen give us everything we need – and can simply be added to.

 After all, the path we tread is created by stepping forward.

neo chalet modules

One kitchen, options galore: nolte neo modules can be combined in any preferred way and matched to the particular spatial situation. 

Neo highlights for a Swiss chalet feeling even without mountains.

neo chalet Workstation
neo chalet front