City, country, exodus. Big cities are magnets. They draw people in hordes from the country areas. There are reasons urbanisation has become a mega trend. Foremost among them, the prospect of getting a well-paid job.

Other factors like access to facilities, infrastructure, the cultural and dining opportunities, and the attractions of an urban lifestyle also contribute to the increasing urbanisation. The consequences of this trend and the unchecked drift from the land are obvious: towns and cities are bursting at the seams, while rural areas are becoming deserted. Today, over half the world's population lives in areas of high population density. And the trend is fast rising! The city is clearly the living space of the future. However, that also means that people have to squeeze closer together, because living space is getting more and more expensive. The demand now is for well thought-out living space solutions that provide plenty of freedom despite the limited area available. Homes are undeniably.

Creating freedoms

Life is becoming more compact. The high demand for living space in urban locations is met by a comparatively small supply, with the result that property prices in cities are rising beyond measure. People who live in urban areas have to do with fewer square metres. Small, functional fl ats are more in demand than ever.

Minimal living space, maximumpossibilities

Less room requires space-saving solutions. Showers instead of baths, sofa beds, foldaway beds that vanish behind a wall unit during the day, narrower furniture, the 140 cm wide bed and fl oor-to-ceiling windows for a spacious, open eff ect are currently experiencing a real boom. The openplan kitchen integrated with the living room is another way of creating more space. Or even a two-in-one room divider: on one side, the frenzy of kitchen life, and on the other, the perfect living room feeling.

Turning small kitchens into storage wizards

If there's very little room, you need to create room. Interior organizers are one way of defi ning the storage space in a small kitchen. In an effi cient kitchen, everything has its place to avoid wasting precious centimetres. MATRIX Art 900 achieves this in a very elegant way. The 900 mm carcase size not only makes 20% more storage space possible but with the low plinth and integral fi nger pulls it enables a totally new kitchen look. Extra-deep pull-outs also create additional storage and make the work surface bigger. Appropriate interior lighting then eff ectively puts the focus on the intelligent organisation. Nolte Küchen has responded to the urbanisation mega trend with a number of well thought-out, space-saving and flexible solutions. See for yourself how we conjure big kitchens out of small spaces.

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