Lux Weiss Papyrusgrau
Kitchen ideas

A beautifully coordinated kitchenette

We don’t even know what we like best: the cement-look worktop, the practical kitchen appliances at eye level or one of the many other exceptional features. Maybe it’s the whole image created by all of these details.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Lux Weiss Papyrusgrau

A gradient colour pattern

Thanks to their papyrus-grey design, the wall units are clearly delineated from the rest of the white kitchen. But thanks to the anthracite worktop, the transition is soft and harmonious. What a balance!

Lux Weiss Papyrusgrau

Ergonomic baking

The oven is installed so that you can see everything happening inside it. And not just that: Its eye-level position is gentle to your back.

Lux Weiss Papyrusgrau

Worktop in cement-look design

The cement-look worktop has a rough and minimalist appearance, while the lacquer design of the fronts is clear and elegant. This combination of opposites creates a unique balance!

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