Manhattan Arcticweiss Hennarot
Kitchen ideas

This kitchen has a fiery temperament

It’s not just the henna red colour scheme and the rustic wild oak that give this kitchen its powerful ambiance. Arctic-white fronts create a balance and the shelf breaks up the room to create a relaxed atmosphere. This kitchen plan will leave nothing to be desired.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Manhattan Arcticweiss Hennarot

Matching table and worktop

A tidy kitchen through matching decor: You can match the design of worktops and the attached table to each other. Matching colours create a calming ambiance in your kitchen.

Manhattan Arcticweiss Hennarot

Shelves for a relaxed mood

In addition to conventional kitchen furniture, you can also use shelves. They create a cosy atmosphere and simply look great!

Manhattan Arcticweiss Hennarot

Wall units at different heights

Different sizes of wall units give the kitchen a relaxed look. What a dynamic idea!

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