Artwood Nussbaum Royal Nova Lack Weiss
Kitchen ideas

A kitchen island with an integrated bar counter

Standing out in front of gleaming white fronts, the wood-coloured kitchen island with a bar counter is unarguably the highlight of this kitchen. It’s amazing how simple, yet generous a kitchen plan can be.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Nussbaum Royal Nova Lack Weiss

Straight-lined and handleless

With this front, we decided to forego conventional handles and choose a MatrixArt design instead. The handleless front creates an even more straight-lined overall impression.

Artwood Nussbaum Royal Nova Lack Weiss

An integrated bar counter

The integrated bar counter element is a great end piece for your kitchenette. But beware! This tempting spot could become your new favourite place for sneaking a small snack!

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