Windsor Lack Weiss
Kitchen ideas

An urban country-style design

These premium white genuine lacquer surfaces beautifully accentuate the rustic wood look of the worktops and table. This kitchen is practical yet cosy, simple yet beautiful and modern.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Windsor Lack Weiss

Cornices for a touch of country style

What makes the country-style kitchen so unmistakable? The distinct shape referred to as cornices. Even urban kitchens will benefit from this design.

Windsor Lack Weiss

A table matching the worktop

Giving table elements and worktops the same design creates a calming, harmonious ambiance.

Windsor Lack Weiss

Ergonomic work

The electric appliances are installed so that you can see everything happening inside them. And not just that: Their eye-level position is gentle to your back.

Windsor Lack Weiss

For more clarity: Glass cabinets

Glass cabinets ensure that you can see your favourite things while still protecting them from dust and moisture.

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