Noch Küche oder schon Wohnzimmer?
Kitchen ideas

Still the kitchen or already the living room?

At first sight, no one would think this was a perfectly equipped kitchen. The living rooms atmosphere is evident in the whole room and is perfect for relaxing at any time - not just mealtimes.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Artwood Nussbaum Kuba

Matching lighting concept guaranteed

A cosy atmosphere needs the right light sources. Not a problem! The handle trim is illuminated and provides a gentle light.

Artwood Nussbaum Kuba

Adds homeliness: hanging wall unit

The sideboard in the same wood decor is like a sideboard, and offers storage space in open and closed compartments.

Artwood Nussbaum Kuba

A cosy atmosphere

This ARTWOOD walnut Cuba front creates a warm, cosy atmosphere as well as a perfect illusion of real wood.

Artwood Nussbaum Kuba

A perfect feature for your wall

The railing system is the perfect option for storing kitchen utensils that might otherwise clutter up the place – a clever space saver!

Artwood Nussbaum Kuba

Uniform fronts

Select the same decor for shelves and base units to create a matching look and a sense of calm in your kitchen.

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