Metal Stahl Grau Lux Weiss
Kitchen ideas

Surrounded by white: a grey kitchen island

While white shelves and cabinets keep to the background, the kitchen block in a fashionable steely grey dominates this kitchen. Simply add an elegant cooker hood and this kitchen plan becomes perfect.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Metal Stahl Grau Lux Weiss

Cast in one piece

The effect of the kitchen island is not accidental: Its front, plinth and worktop are all designed in the same steel grey.

Metal Stahl Grau Lux Weiss

Simple and handleless

If you want to accentuate the straight lines of your kitchen, our handleless MatrixArt design is the ideal option.

Metal Stahl Grau Lux Weiss

Framed side cabinets

The side cabinets of this kitchen are enclosed. This makes it seem as though they were disappearing in the wall.

Metal Stahl Grau Lux Weiss

Ergonomic baking

The oven is installed so that you can see everything happening inside it. And not just that: Its eye-level position is gentle to your back.

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