Stone Basalt Lux Weiss
Kitchen ideas

White kitchen cabinets combined with a stone look

In this design, we combined white kitchen cabinets with a large stone-look kitchenette. The result is a perfect interplay of natural and modern impressions.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Stone Basalt Lux Weiss

As if they were hewn from one stone

A consistent use of the stone-look for the front, plinth and worktop creates a compact, uniform look that matches the material perfectly.

Stone Basalt Lux Weiss

For more clarity: Glass cabinets

Glass cabinets ensure that you can see your favourite things while still protecting them from dust and moisture.

Stone Basalt Lux Weiss

Ergonomic baking

The oven is installed so that you can see everything happening inside it. And not just that: Its eye-level position is gentle to your back.

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