Kitchentalk with Yoga teacher Wina Kraus

Kitchentalk with Yoga teacher Wina Kraus

From the fashion business to a passion for yoga.

In the current episode, Eva Brenner welcomes Yoga Teacher Wina Kraus. She initially studied fashion design and then moved into fashion PR. An interesting but also exhausting job, and after some time she longed for more breaks and deceleration. Thus, in 2018, through her training, she came to her daily yoga practice and now shares her greatest passion on her Instagram channel

The desire for breaks and deceleration in everyday life

The trend of yoga has gained more and more importance in recent years. Eva describes how she sees more and more people cycling around with yoga mats and wonders where this upswing comes from. In everyday life, where many external impressions bombard us and the days are simply "packed", people long for more retreat as a counterbalance, Wina suspects. Yoga is a beautiful way to find breaks and pause. Furthermore, Eva and Wina talk about the yoga teacher training and the different forms, such as Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin Yoga, which can be tailored individually.

Roll out the mat and let's go

After hearing so much about the yoga classes, Eva naturally wants to put it into practice immediately. Wina shows her various breathing exercises for calming, as well as stretches for the entire body and variations for loosening the neck area. Just join in and try it out!

Wina's kitchen today and in the future

Wina's current kitchen is white combined with a wood look and built in a U-shape. If she could plan again today, she would wish for more storage space and a lot of functionality. Why Wina chose the MANHATTAN in Oak Nero for her interview is explained in the video. She also gives Eva some tips on how to perform one or the other yoga exercise even while cooking.

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