The Right Stuff for the Lunchbox

Students need adequate energy intake and appropriate nutrients to sustain until lunchtime. They should not let too much time pass between meals. Here are various tips to assemble the ideal lunchbox.

The Following Vitamins and Minerals are Ideal for the Balanced Lunch Box:

  1. Beta-carotene, for example, contained in carrots
  2. Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, and folic acid, present in eggs and dairy products.
  3. Vitamin B1, important for nerve metabolism and found in, for example, sunflower seeds and wheat germ
  4. Vitamin B6 is found in bananas
  5. Magnesium, with mineral water (check the label) and nuts being the best sources.
Healthy and Delicious - the right snack box for your kids!

Even Whole Grain Can Taste Great

Children are reluctant to eat whole grain bread because it is less juicy than, for example, conventional rye bread. Nevertheless, you can find the right bread for the break here as well. You should look for finely ground bread that is fresh and juicy. Alternatively, you can also look for new variations that have been baked with apples or carrots. By the way: "Whole grain" and the designation "with whole grains" are not the same. The latter often contains only sunflower seeds or other grains that have been added to the white flour. You can also make the bread juicier with the topping, for example by using quark or cream cheese, which also provide important vitamins.

Variations Make the Difference

Wraps are a great option as they are easy to prepare and offer variety.

Snack Bread Skewers
Create a skewer with small pieces of bread, cheese cubes, radishes, and rolled turkey breast. Wooden skewers for this purpose are available in any supermarket and are popular with children.

Small Extras
Add small extras like trail mix, dried fruits, or whole grain cookies to make the school lunch box perfect.

Water Bottle
Don't forget to take a water bottle with mineral water, herbal tea, or fruit juice to ensure that the children stay well hydrated.

Healthy and Delicious - the right snack box for your kids!
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