Stone Beton
Kitchen ideas

Concrete as a kitchen material? Go for it!

Concrete can add a magic touch, even to indoor spaces. This kitchen is the proof! The concrete decor, which looks so real you might mistake it for the actual thing, will fit perfectly into your home, if you combine it with the right designs – for instance, these soft-mat arctic-white and blue hues.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Stone Beton

You can look - and you can touch

Thanks to the natural reproduction, the surfaces not only look just like the real thing, but they also feel like concrete. 

Stone Beton

Well combined and perfectly illuminated

Classic wall units in arctic white soft mat really show the concrete decor at its best. Especially as the under-cabinet lighting provides the right indirect light.

Stone Beton

Plenty of storage space - guaranteed

To make ideal use of the kitchen space, this design features wall units up to the ceiling. They look great and offer additional storage space.