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Small apartments and tiny houses are a real trend, driven not least by rising property prices and the ever-dwindling living space. With tips and tricks, along with numerous sample plans, we show you how you can design a well-equipped kitchen, a functional utility room, and stylish furniture even in the smallest accommodations.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Matrix 900 base cabinets

Matrix 900 base cabinets

Base cabinets with a cabinet height of 90 cm provide a whopping 20% more storage space than cabinets with the standard cabinet height of 75 cm. In the example shown, there is one more drawer in the base cabinet!

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Take workspace into account

In a small kitchen with limited counter space, it's important to plan modestly when choosing the sink or stove. A narrower sink allows for more space for food preparation, while a compact stove utilizes the limited area more efficiently.

floor-to-ceiling storage

Floor-to-ceiling storage

In small spaces, maximizing the use of vertical space is crucial. At Nolte Kitchens, we offer you the option to choose from 8 different wall cabinet heights and 2 wall cabinet depths. This allows you to customize your kitchen to the room's height and make the most of your storage space, all the way up to the ceiling.

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