Soft Lack Sahara Olive
Kitchen ideas

An elegant kitchen block, perfectly lit

This handleless kitchen has light sources in the finger-pull and under the shelves. And this design is kind to your back thanks to electric appliances installed at a high level. Delightfully refreshing, yet functional!

Reasons to love this planning example:

Soft Lack Sahara Olive

Framed side cabinets

The side cabinets of this kitchen are enclosed. This makes it seem as though they were disappearing in the wall.

Soft Lack Sahara Olive

Elegance all around: The MatrixArt finger-pull

The unbroken finger-pull is yet another element of the elegant design of this kitchen. On request, this finger-pull even comes with a lighting fixture.

Soft Lack Sahara Olive

A shelf-and-cabinet combination

This combination of open shelves with a wall unit will add a relaxed note to your design, but first and foremost, it is very, very practical.

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