Kitchentalk with Life Coach Ina Hippold

At just 26, Ina fell into a life crisis – education, studies, multiple degrees. The individual steps of her career followed one another very quickly, leaving her hardly any breathing space, and eventually she was completely exhausted. That was the turning point for her to change something about her attitude towards herself and her life. Learn more about Ina's "Journey to Self" in Kitchentalk.

Positive change in her community

In 2013, Ina embarked on her "weight loss journey," as she calls it. She put an end to the unhealthy lifestyle, with pizza, pasta, and the like. She no longer accepted excuses like tiredness and resting. She initially started with a low-carb diet, which didn't work out for her in the long run. What really helped her was meticulous "calorie counting." As the pounds melted away, her outlook on life changed as well. She gained new courage, spent a lot of time outdoors, and discovered sports as an outlet for many things that burden the soul. She tells Eva Brenner about her positive thoughts, which she shares with her community on Instagram and always enjoys passing on motivating impulses to her followers.

Healthy and delicious

Together, Eva and Ina prepare oven-roasted vegetables with pasta and burrata. It's quick and easy, yet extremely delicious and healthy! As they prepare the dish, they exchange ideas on various topics. Find out what Eva loves to cook, which international dishes Ina adores, and how a simple detail can easily enhance the visual appeal of any meal. In no time, everything is ready, and Eva and Ina can enjoy the delicious oven-roasted vegetables!

Today, a different kitchen design

Currently, Ina is cooking in a white high-gloss kitchen combined with a wooden worktop. However, this has already been in use for several years. In the video, she reveals why she would choose a different kitchen today and what it would look like. Ina loves to share her delicious dishes with friends and family, who join her in shaping "life in the kitchen."

From color choice to kitchen style

Ina spontaneously and precisely answers how she would design her kitchen today. She chooses from options such as high gloss or matt, country style or modern, as well as colorful or plain. What will she decide?

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