By definition, trend is an instrument for describing changes and currents in all levels of society. In our fast-moving world it is gaining in significance because it determines the direction in which zeitgeist and fashions are developing.

We would like to present you some of the more lasting trends due to the fact that they have a direct impact on the future of kitchen planning and the resulting perspectives. The trend toward urbanization is on the one hand the result of the rapidly growing world population, the city on the other hand offers more opportunities for work, culture and social involvement. As a consequence, there is an increasing shortage of space resulting in demands for new, more compact solutions. Another trend is globalization. The world is growing closer together flows of people and goods increasingly determine the events, cultures and national mentalities merge together causing new demands and styles which have to be considered in order to meet the client’s tastes in the future. Maybe the most important trend is the one towards sustainability, it results out of the awareness that our planet’s resources are limited. Therefore we all are forced to change our views in order to achieve an ecologic and resource friendly way of life.

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Individuality and Community

New Ecology