Carisma Lack Weiss
Kitchen ideas

A kitchen with charisma

As its name implies. The reason the Carisma kitchen is so stylish is because we have combined three colours that harmonise perfectly with each other: white, opal and papyrus grey.

Reasons to love this planning example:

Carisma Lack Weiss

Hidden storage space

You could almost miss them: there are more drawers in the plinths of this kitchen, and they offer a surprising amount of storage space.

Carisma Lack Weiss

Eye-catcher in opal

The open shelf units in opal blue blend harmoniously with the straightforward design of the other fronts.

Carisma Lack Weiss

Very popular: ergonomic dishwasher

We've fitted the dishwasher at eye level to make stacking it as pleasant as possible.