Frame Lack Papyrus Blaubeere
Kitchen ideas

Grey and blue: A beautiful combination for your kitchen

At the integrated bar counter, you will have the best view of your new dream kitchen. This design shows you’re fashion-conscious and have good taste in colour schemes. So let’s raise a glass to your new kitchen!

Reasons to love this planning example:

Frame Lack Papyrus Blaubeere

An integrated bar counter

The integrated bar counter element is a great end piece for your kitchenette. But beware! This tempting spot could become your new favourite place for sneaking a small snack!

Frame Lack Papyrus Blaubeere

For more clarity: Glass cabinets

Glass cabinets ensure that you can see your favourite things while still protecting them from dust and moisture.


Mat lacquer design

An appealing combination: The mat lacquer concept includes many attractive colours grouped in pairs in a cool or warm colour family. Creating colour combinations has never been this simple or this fun.

Frame Lack Papyrus Blaubeere

Ergonomic work

The electric appliances are installed so that you can see everything happening inside them. And not just that: Their eye-level position is gentle to your back.