Welcome to the here and now.

Tidy, clearly structured, up to date: your kitchen is a true reflection of your lifestyle. Individually styled down to every last detail, it impresses with an attractive interplay of material and colour – and a contemporary, high level of functionality.


The mat black and grey marble combination is both elegant and classy. The island lends the kitchen visual weight while the omission of classic wall units gives it a light and airy feel. 

And thanks to laminate with antifingerprint surface finish, the black front PLUS always looks immaculate and is also easy to keep clean.

Further highlights in our kitchen are the flush-fitted granite sink and the large hob which is flush-fitted too.

Fascinating marble.


Environmental awareness can be as stylish as this! From the engineered-wood board to the finish paper, VIDA cotton papyrus is made entirely of recycled material and has an interesting feel on top. 


From the illuminated open shelf units with black tinted glass shelves and interior organisation in real oak to the choice of handles, this kitchen shows its unique character. And in combination with the colour highlights in curry, the ambience created is vibrant yet homely.


The harmoniously combined details emphasise natural charm and impress with the ultimate in practical functionality. 


In harmony with the world around me.


With LEGNO in oak sepia, you come home to natural real wood, calm colours and charismatic design. 

And MatrixArt gives me visual clarity and well-structured organisation, all without handles.

Authenticity meets modern elegance.

Full-width finger pull.

Oak truffle with its elegant wood surfaces makes this kitchen into a real eye-catcher.

Want to change the kitchen into a tidy living space? It doesn‘t take more than a few seconds thanks to the elegant concealment doors. When opened the doors disappear between the cabinets and reveal the electrical appliances inside.

Genuine materials for pure harmony.


ARTWOOD walnut royal teams up with FEEL in papyrus-grey to create a balanced look of timeless aesthetic appeal. This sleek kitchen exudes peace, individuality and a good measure of soothing warmth. A decorative panel wall system is open to your ideas because the flexible elements can be re-arranged whenever you choose. And just as the fancy and feeling for life takes you. A pleasure to use also is the cooking island with a carcase height of 900mm which sets new standards in terms of design and convenience.


Artwood in walnut royal creates an inviting atmosphere.


Is everything in the right place and close at hand when you need it? It is guarabteed to be with the panel wall. The elements can be freely arranged and replaced at any time if your own wishes and meeds change. For more flexibility in the kitchen.


However you like your kitchen best, with nolte you can plan it to be absolutely as you want and need it to be. For instance, with a raised oven that combines functionality with optimum ergonomics.


Ergonomic, raised dishwasher.


The 25 mm slim line worktop in grey completes the harmonious ambience of warm, natural colours.


Kitchen design à la carte: MANHATTAN Kiruna birch and METAL copper oxide create an inimitable composition. The pale Scandinavian-looking wood decor harmonises perfectly with the vibrancy of copper oxide. A combination that competently underscores graphic style and minimalist lines. Modern open metal shelving as well as an kitchen island with hob and creative table solution are just more examples of outstanding, perfectly coordinated kitchen architecture.

Sleek design style with a Scandinavian touch.

Together with the separate cooking island and the sink area in copper oxide, the combination achieves a wholly unique impact which is simply impressive.

Open shelf wall units are practical and aesthetically appealing stylish elements.


Metal is the material of the moment: it is right on trend which is also why FERRO blue steel was our preferred choice. The combination with SOFT LACK in arctic white makes refreshing statements and, despite its cool elegance, produces an eat-in kitchen we like to pend a lot of time in.


Versatile, stylish, practical.

The CUBE open wall shelf unit in 450 mm height with the arctic white sliding elements is a highlight. The open shelf unit provides plenty room for your own creative ideas and decorative design objects, gives them attractive staging and, with the sliding door, also makes a neat and tidy impression.


The open shelves at the end give the kitchen island a more casual look.


Extremely generous storage space!


Moreover, the kitchen front is magnetic.


SOFT LACK in Avocado combined with Arctic white is reminiscent of spring. The refreshing shade of green has a calming effect without making you feel tired.

The surroundings in olive harmonise perfect with the avocado fronts and conjure a refreshing atmosphere of vitality in the kitchen.

In Nolte kitchens, the grid system makes it easy to integrate all appliance brands for a perfect look - without any filler panels to spoil the overall impression.

Ergonomic, raised dishwasher.

The shelf solutions set a beautiful colour contrast to the arctic white of the kitchen island.

The practical "Le Mans" corner base unit hides away numerous kitchen utensils.

This is just right. SOFT LACK Black forms the perfect frame for rustic ARTWOOD Wild oak.

The simple, mat black of the real lacquered surface lifts the beautiful texture and warm colour of the wooden decor particularly well and thus stages the entire kitchen aesthetically and perfectly. The reduced design cleverly concentrates on what is important – even purists will be enthusiastic.


Stylish, exceptional, minimalist - INTEGRA combines different worlds: configured without accent handle, it takes on a restrained and understated look. With black handle - as pictured here - it puts on a face that's full of character. Plan in any way you choose with the option that goes best with you and your style. You like things to be full of expression? Well, here you have it. But one thing remains the same: the surface of INTEGRA is a pleasure to touch.


Versatile wall styling. The FLEX open shelf system emphasises the hip industrial look. Impressive versatility: with this shelf solution, elements can be added with incredible ease. Simply dock another one on - done. Black steel and adjustable shelves in natural bough wood are a composition that works extremely well.


The choice is yours: understated without handle or accentuated in black or stainless steel look.


Eye-catcher: the glass display unit with glass in wired look underscores the industrial feel.


Different, hot, authentic.

These days, everyone's talking about naturalness and authenticity. We have picked up on this mega trend and give you FERRO Corten steel | NOVA LACK in High-gloss white, a combination that's equally as distinctive as it is unique.

This is where a surface in enticing rust effect meets open shelving and appliance cabinetry in high-gloss white. Featuring so many attractive details, this perfect combination creates exactly the right flavour and leaves the most exacting kitchen fans wanting
for nothing.

This kitchen is a man's dream come true: The generously sized island makes cooking with friends an absolute pleasure! And the bar counter element extends an invitation to sit and have a beer together.

Extravagant front with magical attraction: Real metal particles give FERRO Corten steel a magnetic effect. Further proof of this kitchen's exquisite quality.

Design highlight: All horizontal MatrixART finger pulls possible in illuminated.

Last but not least, the open shelf unit also provides sufficient space for all of your favourite reads!


Here, the name says it all.

A kitchen oozing with flair. Handleless FLAIR Black combined with FERRO in Corten steel combines elegance with an inviting look and no shortage of practical functionality.


The colour-contrasting edges make stylish eye-catchers in brass or stainless steel look.


The open shelf unit provides plenty room for your own creative ideas and decorative design objects, gives them attractive staging and, with the sliding door, also makes a neat and tidy impression.


The MatrixArt base units at the end of a row provide practical additional space for keeping smaller-type utensils.


Nature, with its’ endless variety of surfaces and materials, offers the best inspiration. The STONE concrete with the surrounding in holm oak is great proof of the successful implementation in our kitchen. The natural concrete look not only features on the outside, it continues through on the inside too – harmoniously rounded by consistency. And the expressive stones feature as a design thread throughout this kitchen: from the splashback to the counter element as part of the island. 

Every kitchen utensil has its place with the rail elements.

Perfect both inside and out!

The interesting solution for the electrical appliances completes the successful planning.


Nothing is as good as the original. That's not what we think. A modern kitchen can look as refreshingly clean-cut as this. The STONE surface looks exactly like concrete and feels like it too. Yet this is a faithful reproduction. Choosing this front leaves enough cash over to optimise equipping the kitchen, e.g. with pull-outs or practical interior organisation.


FEEL arctic white combined with STONE concrete. A really extraordinary and fascinating contrast is created.


STONE in concrete captivates with ist extremely authentic surface and looks astonishingly real.


On one hand: The PORTLAND in cement anthracite. The unique, real cement surface offers a unique haptic experience – an expression of strength and reliability. Each front is manufactured by hand and is therefore one of a kind.

On the other hand: the NOVA LACK in high-gloss white. With an extremely smooth and shiny surface it creates an exciting contrast.

Cleverly stored away.

Stylish and classy: wall units with fronts in genuine high-gloss lacquer.

The handleless option brings out the understated elegance particularly well.


The combination of high quality, genuine materials gives this kitchen a warm, homely feel. The large dining table remains the centre of the room. No wonder, that it invites to stay at first sight. The particular attraction also lies in the concealed. Because when opened up, the concealment doors reveal a versatile interior and plenty of storage space. The oven, for example, discreetly vanishes behind doors when not needed. The illuminated finger pulls add the the final touch to this feel good kitchen which is equally practical as it is timeless.


Concealment doors conjure a homely ambience that says style. Behind them: all manner of storage space and even appliances, such as the oven.


The velvety texture of NAPPA in Brazil brown makes your kitchen an inviting living space that exudes warmth. Astonishing: it feels like leather but is made of a surface that can withstand the wear and tear of daily kitchen routine in every respect. 

Open shelves in the paler lava produce a harmonious combination and complement the design of the room. A recipe that provides that little bit more.

Generously planned pull-out units make this kitchen a real storage miracle.

Stylish in every last detail: matching, brown anodised handles in metal complement the tasteful look.

Beautifully inspired by nature.


NAPPA inca gold in combination with the black front PLUS is for the true gourmets among kitchen fans - a real delicacy. A harmonious combination that not only radiates warmth from its pleasing leather-like feel. 


With MATRIX150, fully functional drawers are possible below many hobs – even in conjunction with 12 mm worktops. The worktop surface in black PRO perfectly complements the overall impression.